Is Your Real Estate Agent Using the Safest Lockbox?

secure your home when selling

Picture of a SentriLock Bluetooth Lockbox
SentriLock Bluetooth Lockbox
Picture of old style combination lockboxes
Traditional Lockboxes

For the real estate professional, one of the most critical aspects of our job is ensuring the safety and security of our clients' homes. Until recently the tried and true method of attaching a lockbox to the front door of a property has been the traditional way of granting access to buyer agents and their clients. That has changed, however. There’s a new “Smart” lockbox in town and it is hear to make showing your home a lot safer.

Traditional combination lockboxes date back to the 70’s and haven’t changed one bit in all that time. Modern technology, however, has finally provided the next step in the evolution of the humble, unsecure lockbox, namely Sentrilock Lockboxes. These devices have revolutionized the way we control showings for our sellers' homes, providing added security and accountability that simply is not possible using traditional old-fashioned combination lockboxes.
These smart devices are only available to licensed Realtors and are supplied by Realcomp II, Ltd. the company that runs the Multi-List System (MLS) for real estate listings in the Great Detroit Metropolitan Area.

They are integrated into the MLS directly and each lockbox’s unique ID number is assigned to a single property for the duration of the listing period. In comparison combination lockboxes, typically purchased from a local hardware store, only have a single combination code and once it is set it is the same combination forever. Most agents never change it.
Sentrilock Lockboxes can only be opened by a licensed real estate agent using an app on their smartphone. The app makes a Bluetooth connection to the Sentrilock Lockbox and opens it once the agent has logged into the app with their username and password.

Whenever an agent uses the app to open a Sentrilock Lockbox the listing agent receives immediate electronic notification that not only reports what time the home was entered but also identifies the agent who accessed it.
This means that only authorized individuals gain access to the home. Additionally, the lockboxes are built with heavy-duty materials that can withstand tampering and attempted break-ins that far exceed your average combination lockbox.

In conclusion, Sentrilock Bluetooth Lockboxes have become an invaluable tool for the real estate industry. They provide enhanced security features, increased accountability, and added convenience for sellers and agents alike. Ask your real estate agent if they use Sentrilock Lockboxes for their listings.

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